How To Use AmazonSmile

The Friends of the Appleton Fire Department is now linked to AmazonSmile, a program that donates .5% of every Amazon purchase directly to our non-profit group.


There is no cost to the Amazon member making the purchase; Amazon donates all funds.
It’s super easy and will benefit all of us. Donations received will help to fund the various projects we are working on. In particular, the purchase of detox chambers and treadmills for the stations.

The more people we can get on board, the more we will earn, so please encourage everyone you know to shop with Amazon Smile.


The steps are simple:
1) Log into with your regular Amazon account info.
2) Search the charities for and select: Friends of the Appleton Fire Department.
3) Be sure to log in to  instead of the regular whenever you are going to shop to get the donation.

Amazon Smile